Can anyone attend Junction as a visitor?

Unfortunately we can’t invite people to Junction 2018 as visitors due to venue restrictions. Closed venue is also the best way to ensure the best working environment for our participants.

We will be streaming live video from the opening and closing show, as well as some of the program on our social media channels during the weekend. Links will be posted on our website and social media at a later date.


The challenge

You just found the best spot on the sofa and you’re in the middle of a video game or just minding your own business, when the desire of sweet and yummy hits you like a hammer. You’re not in the mood to move your ass, though. The question is: how mobile are your munchies?

We’re looking for an entertaining solution in the spirit of street science to solve a tricky problem: how to control a pick’ n’ pay candy robot with a mobile device.

What we’ll bring

  • Pick’ n’ pay candy selection
  • Robot suitable for rapid prototyping, DOBOT Magician (RoboticArm) ,
  • DOBOT Linear Rail Kit (expands the reach of robot to different candy storage boxes)
  • GoPro Cameras
  • Digital signage displays
  • Experts from digital development and marketing to mentor and support your work
  • Ability to help your teams’ ad-hoc needs in prototyping
  • Camera crew to document the work for a case video

Extra details

We expect to see functional prototypes. Development and problem-solving skills are emphasized.

Problems of interest

We’re looking for innovative solutions focusing in the following fields, though we’d like you to surprise us.

  • Mobile UX – What are the key elements of a winning UX
  • Robots and sweets – Challenges discovered, learnings from prototyping  
  • Marketing innovation – How to capitalize the concept in marketing

Judging criteria

Our main evaluation criteria:

  • Concept uniqueness
  • Feasibility to implement parts of the solution into real-life use
  • High entertainment value

The prizes

To be announced!

Information about the company

Alepa is a grocery & convenience store chain in the Greater Helsinki region in Finland. It is owned by HOK-Elanto, a part of the nationwide co-operative, S-Group. S-Group is a Finnish network of companies operating in the retail and service sectors. It has more than 1,600 outlets in Finland. S-Group comprises 20 co-operatives and the SOK Headquarters with its subsidiaries. S-Group is the largest private-sector employer in Finland and, for many young people, the first step to working life.