How can I access the Project Platform?

You can access the Project Platform through the Registration Platform. Once you are part of a team, you should see a button with the text “Project Platform” on the dashboard. It will take you to the Project Platform. If the button isn’t visible, try refreshing the page.

How do I win?

There are two independent ways of winning prizes. If you do not submit your project on time, you will not be able to win. Anything.

In your submission you have chosen 1-5 challenges, and you compete in each of them independently. If you chose 5 challenges, you can win up to 5 challenge prizes! Remember, that partners have their own specific winning criteria and prize for each challenge. Partner reviewing is on Sunday 10:00-12:00.

Track winners:
Track winners are chosen by the hackers using the reviewing system on the Project Platform. Each track winner will win 1000€ and a chance to compete for the grand prize and demo their project on the Main stage.

Grand prize:
From the track winners the hackers will choose the Grand Prize winner by voting on the Project Platform.

More detailed info can be found here:


What are the criteria for winning the Grand Prize?

You will decide the winner of the Grand Prize, so it’s also your decision to say what makes a good project. However, these guidelines will give you some idea what we appreciate.


Does it address the problem? Does it solve the problem? How big is the problem it solves?


How’s the tech side? How groundbreaking is the solution?


Is the hack useful in a business sense?


Does the project leave you amazed?

What about the schedule?

Doors to the venue will open on November 23rd at 4pm and Junction 2018 officially ends on November 25th at 6pm. We will also have a lot of program going on during the weekend. Check here again for a link with the detailed program soon!

Where is Junction 2018 held?

This year we are going back to our roots (once again!). Junction 2018 will be held at Dipoli, which is Aalto University’s beautiful main building. This year the whole building will be reserved for Junction, the hackers and for our awesome side program (sauna village & karaoke anyone?).

Address: Otakaari 24, 02150 Espoo, Finland