JunctionX Seoul

JunctionX Seoul is an event where developers, designers, or talents of any field can compete in diverse teams in order to build and present their revolutionary ideas. International hackers from different backgrounds form teams to work on cutting edge technologies and to solve real business problems coming straight from the business world.

The event will be held for the first time on 10.-12.5. at Wonhyo Electronics Company in Yongsan, Seoul

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Junction 2018

Experience the biggest hackathon in Europe!

Junction is back bigger and better than ever before! This year Junction 2018 will be held on November 23-25th in icy Finland, with 1500 hackers gathering under one roof to form ideas into reality.

This is not your standard hackathon. Junction is a hackathon experience like no other – you don’t want to miss this!

JunctionX Tsinghua

JunctionX Tsinghua was organised for the first time in Beijing in 2018, and was a huge success. The event gathered 13 teams from China and Finland, and overall 75 participants.

The event was held on 18-20.5 at Tsinghua University, and will be held again in 2019.


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Junction Tokyo

Held annually, Junction Tokyo is the most international hackathon in Japan and a melting pot for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Participants will create innovative hands-on solutions to real-life challenges with the help of the latest & upcoming technologies.

Coders, designers, students, non-students and everyone interested are welcome to join the creativity!

Held at Cross Dock Harumi, 4 Chome-7-4 Harumi, Tokyo, Japan  15.2.-17.2.2019.


JunctionX KAUST

Junction launched its operations in Saudi Arabia by having the first ever JunctionX KAUST hackathon in September 2018. It was located at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, a prestigious university located in the West Coast of Saudi Arabia.

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Inquiries: kaust@hackjunction.com

JunctionX Hanoi

JunctionX Hanoi was held for the first time in October 2018 and aims to connect the best students and professionals from Vietnam and the neighbouring countries with the most innovative tech companies in Asia.

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JunctionX Budapest

JunctionX Budapest is the most innovative hackathon in Hungary that was held for the first time in October 2018. This is a melting pot for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from all around the world. Participants create innovative hands-on solutions to real-life challenges with the help of the latest & most up-to-date technologies.

Developers, designers, students, young professionals/graduates and everyone interested are welcome to join the innovation!

JunctionX Budapest 2019 will be held 25.10.-27.10.2019



Hack Tour is an initiative created by Junction and Slush helping to solve the talent gap, which a significant amount of companies in the Nordics are suffering from. Slush and Junction are on a mission to fill the gap by building a bridge between the companies on a hunt for the best tech talent and the bright developers looking for the best possible fit for their skills.

During the fall of 2018, Slush and Junction will organize pre-events in eight European cities, where attending participants will get to know both Slush and Junction, and learn more about the actual program. In each city, we challenge tech-savvy people to spend the afternoon with us and compete in the challenges and cases we present. The best of the best might very well walk away with tickets to Helsinki, as there is a possibility to gain straight access to Hack Tour (3. – 7.12.) and Junction (23. – 25.11.) from these pre-events.


TechRace is open for anyone interested in learning, solving, developing and trying new stuff with tech!

TechRace tours through nine cities to find the top concentration of tech masterminds in Finland. In every event, the local participants will receive a large pool of challenges to solve, ranging from programming puzzles to design problems, from basic tasks to extremely problematic ones. The winning city, “the techiest of them all”, is chosen based on the total points all participants earned during the local TechRace event. So, gather your local tech community together and get ready to race against other cities!

Every TechRace participant will get a secret code and a huge advantage when applying to Junction 2018!

Hack Talks

Hack Talks is a one day high-tech conference with hands-on workshops and top-notch keynotes from the bleeding edge of technology giving you something to think and talk about.

The event will be held at Helsinki Hall of Culture on November 22nd.

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👉 Check out more information at hacktalks.hackjunction.com

Hack Talks is co-organized by JunctionHEL Tech and SyysGraph.