JunctionX Seoul

JunctionX Seoul is an event where developers, designers, or talents of any field can compete in diverse teams in order to build and present their revolutionary ideas. International hackers from different backgrounds form teams to work on cutting edge technologies and to solve real business problems coming straight from the business world.

The event will be held for the first time on 10.-12.5. at Wonhyo Electronics Company in Yongsan, Seoul

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How can I access the Project Platform?

You can access the Project Platform through the Registration Platform. Once you are part of a team, you should see a button with the text “Project Platform” on the dashboard. It will take you to the Project Platform. If the button isn’t visible, try refreshing the page.

How do I win?

There are two independent ways of winning prizes. If you do not submit your project on time, you will not be able to win. Anything.

In your submission you have chosen 1-5 challenges, and you compete in each of them independently. If you chose 5 challenges, you can win up to 5 challenge prizes! Remember, that partners have their own specific winning criteria and prize for each challenge. Partner reviewing is on Sunday 10:00-12:00.

Track winners:
Track winners are chosen by the hackers using the reviewing system on the Project Platform. Each track winner will win 1000€ and a chance to compete for the grand prize and demo their project on the Main stage.

Grand prize:
From the track winners the hackers will choose the Grand Prize winner by voting on the Project Platform.

More detailed info can be found here:


Cisco: Software Engineering Summer Internship (Intern)

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. About 20 engineers are working in our research and development team in Espoo focusing on developing team collaboration products for the desktop platforms. We are all passionate about product development and programming.

Our interns will typically join a real project team and do a useful task for Cisco while working here. We expect students to work for us at least 10 weeks during an internship, and there may be part-time work opportunities after the internship.

Example of typical projects we can offer to our interns:

  • Implementing new features in our Communicator application while working together with a more senior team member
  • Prototyping new concepts/features by playing with new frameworks and technologies
  • Enhancing our automated test systems for prototyping and adding new features
  • Testing new concepts / visual designs on our Qt based graphical user interfaces

Cisco: Senior DevOps Engineer

As a Senior DevOps Engineer you will join Cisco BroadSoft’s team in Helsinki to participate in the development of our Business Communicator client. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute in improving work-life quality in enterprises globally with Cisco’s productivity and collaboration tools for businesses.

  • You will be developing exciting new features and maintaining the existing code in various web-based DevOps systems including CI.
  • In this position, your tasks will include maintaining and enhancing various parts in our automated software delivery pipeline. Our product is desktop communication application for Windows and MacOS. Understanding application development and deployment on those platforms is beneficial.
  • We are continuously looking for automation opportunities in our processes, and you will have a central role in designing and implementing the solutions.
  • A part of the work is also keeping the test automation environment efficient and up-to-date, as well as helping colleagues in using the environment.”