The challenge

We would like you to develop an easy-to-use, creative, and exciting game with any technology available that helps us develop solutions around gamification of People Flow.  

But first, what is our business? We are in the business of moving 1 billion people everyday or as we call it providing safe, reliable and convenient ‘People Flow’. Our products and solutions are elevators, escalators, electric doors, and our Advanced People Flow solutions such as KONE Access, KONE Residential Flow, Infotainments to name a few. Who are our customers? Our customers are architects, real estate developers, construction and facility management companies. KONE equipment and services support people flow in various building domains such as office and residential buildings, airports, metro stations, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels.

To learn more about our services and solutions, please watch these short videos below:

Now that you know more about our business and customers, here is the list of specific gamification problems to solve:

1. Educational Games – What People Flow is about?

  • Objective: Illustrating what People Flow means through an interactive and fun game
  • Target group: KONE customers like Architects, real-estate developers and facility management companies. The game will be played by customers and others visitors of the KONE showrooms, events and exhibitions around the world.
  • KONE stakeholder: KONE Sales and marketing. The game will be used in the sales meetings to show to the customers what does people flow mean in practice.

2. Educational games – Elevator and Escalator Safety

  • Objective: Training our elevator and escalator users how to use them safely
  • End user: People in buildings
  • KONE stakeholder: Marketing and Sales

3. Data analytic games

  • Objective: Gather insightful people flow data from game users i.e.. How smooth, reliable and safe the movement in the building is (e.g. time from lobby to final destination, elevator waiting times, visitor experience in building etc)
  • End User: People in buildings
  • KONE stakeholder: KONE People Flow Planning and Consulting business

4. Sustainability

  • Objective: Motivate people to move in cities and building in a sustainable way (e.g. how to save energy)
  • End User: People moving in building and between buildings
  • Customer: KONE Marketing

KONE mentors  will provide more details around the concept of People Flow and what it means in practise.

If you have any game ideas of your own, we are open to new suggestions.

What we’ll bring

  • KONE Elevator APIs

    • KONE APIs allow your application to connect with our Elevators including giving commands and receiving status information – see below  
    • TLS secured API endpoints
  • Indoor positioning
    • Our hackathon partner Indoor Atlas will provide indoor positioning system to the venue
  • We will also provide mentor support and training to understand more about the usage of provided technology and APIs
  • You can also ask us beforehand if you need other gadgets like Raspberry Pi etc and we’ll try to provide them for you.

Extra details

Feel free to use data from other Junction challenges.

Judging criteria

Innovation (30), Feasibility (30), Functionality (20), Creativity (15), Presentation (5)


  • Winner team 2000 € gift-card
  • Runner-up team 1000 € gift-card

Plus the opportunity to present your idea to KONE management team and get a chance to pilot your game

Information about the company

At KONE, our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization, which add value to the life cycle of any building.

Through more effective People Flow®, we make people’s journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings. Together with our partners and customers around the world, we help cities to become better places to live in. In 2017, KONE had annual net sales of EUR 8.9 billion and at the end of the year over 55,000 employees. KONE class B shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. in Finland.