Still haven’t found your dream game anywhere? Why not make it yourself?

If you love gaming, then a Game Jam is exactly what you need. This track is about bringing together passionate game developers to design, plan, and create games that are engaging and addictive. Partner companies will bring their own flavour to the Game Jam, but the main theme is decided by Junction.

Supporting Tech:

Veikkaus – Providing a multitude of different sports data – Check the Slack channel (#cha-game_jam-veikkaus) and the diversifier section below for more information!

Mapbox – Want to create an AR-Game? Use Mapbox’s APIs include maps and location data in your game!

Game Jam diversifiers:

Veikkaus will have an own Game Jam diversifier and mentors on sight to help you to create a fun game utilizing their vast datasets. (Woop! There’s an extra prize category for this one. If your game fills its criteria, remember to select the Veikkaus challenge on Devpost when submitting )


Creating an intelligent building has never been this easy. The amount of “smart tech” for homes and offices surrounds us every day. But what really makes a building intelligent? How do you track your office efficiency, or your residential energy consumption to improve your environmental footprint? How would you use lighting systems to boost human comfort, mood and productivity?

If you want to improve the working and living environments of people around you, then this track is for you!


Everyday, we’re one step closer towards a more connected world. The cost of interconnected devices is falling fast and soon anything with a power switch may be connected to the internet. That means everything from making your fridge tell you when you’re out of milk to finding environmental-friendly solutions to sensor augmented clothing and monitoring your home temperature to the optimum level can be possible.

If you find yourself tinkering with the opportunities of Industrial Internet and its future impact, this track is for you!


Are you aware of the work that is being done to deliver your fidget spinner right at your door? What lies behind all the logistic-masterminding to actually make it happen? The field of logistics and supply management is constantly improving through technological advances. Think of autonomous vehicles and drones mixed with robots. Who know’s who or what is going to deliver you your meals in 2020?

If you are interested in autonomous cargo, Blockchain, IoT, indoors tracking and drone deliveries then this track is for you!


The financial sector is filled with old legacy systems and deep rooted traditions where often the status quo prevails. That is all going to change, and soon. With the new PSD2 regulation in the EU, banks are opening up their data. These conditions make the industry particularly favorable for disruption – that means, it’s time for you to build something new and shake things up a bit.

If money (or handling it!) is your thing, apply now for the Fintech track! 🤑